Modus II Cigar Tool (V2.1) – Draw Tool, Cigar Punch & Nubber


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The Modus II Cigar Tool is a unique accessory designed to enhance the cigar smoker’s experience. It combines three handy tools into one very elegant format, a draw tool for improving airflow in cigars that are plugged or rolled too tightly, and a “nubber” for holding a very short remaining portion of a cigar (the “nub”) to more safely continue smoking the cigar down to its very end, and a 9mm Cigar Punch. V2.1 features several improvements over previous versions including satin anodized finish, stainless steel ferrule, and laser welded skewers. CNC’d Alloy covers unscrew to reveal the stainless steel draw tool skewer (bottom) and twin stainless steel nubber needles (top), while the bottom unscrews to reveal the Cigar Punch. The draw tool skewer has a “harpoon” style tip to facilitate removing small amounts of tobacco when creating an air channel. Multiple passes with the draw tool may be necessary to resolve draw issues in extremely tightly rolled, or plugged, cigars, and may be inserted from the Head or foot of the cigar. For smaller ring gauge (RG) cigars, it is advisable to begin by using the harpoon tip to create a shallow “pilot hole”, then insert progressively deeper on each subsequent pass, withdrawing to remove tobacco each time. This will help to avoid splitting the cigar’s wrapper, which can happen when too much internal pressure is applied at once. Nubber needles have a matte finish near the tips to help provide a more secure hold on the cigar. Both tools have extremely sharp points. At 6-7/8” x 44 RG (or about ¾” diameter) when closed, the Modus Cigar Tool fits nicely in most cigar cases and travel humidors for carrying along… or just drop in your pocket with the alloy covers in place. High quality materials, fit, and finish, as well as a handsome gift box make the Modus II the perfect elegant accessory for discerning cigar smokers. All Modus products carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!
6-7/8″ x 44 RG CNC’d Alloy Body & Stainless Steel Tool Parts
Includes 9mm Stainless Steel Cigar Punch
Laser Welded “Harpoon” Style Draw Tool easily solves overfilled & plugged cigars
Twin Needle Nubber for holding cigars when smoked to the nub

Modus II Cigar Tool (V2.1) – Draw Tool, Cigar Punch & Nubber
Modus II Cigar Tool (V2.1) – Draw Tool, Cigar Punch & Nubber
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