Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor Case, Ann Bully Cigar Humidor Box with Drawer for Accessories, Wooden Cigar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer, Cutters Punch Set- Can Holds 25-50 Cigars (Humidor Only)


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Product Description

Modern Curve Cutting Design Cedar Wood Cigar HumidorModern Curve Cutting Design Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor

Ann Bully Modern Curved Cutting Design Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor for the Cigar Enthusiast

Embrace the innovative curved cutting design of Ann Bully cigar humidor, which enables incredible storage capacity. With the capacity to store 35-50, depending on their size, our Spanish cedar wooden cigar humidor box offers ample space to store and beautifully sort different cigars in the same box. Ideal for use in offices, homes, bars and beyond, this cigar humidor case is tailored to fulfill your cigar aspirations. What’s more, this cigar humidor is a perfect holiday gift for boyfriend, father, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, and birthdays. Whether gifting to a cigar enthusiast or getting one for yourself, our cigar humidor is sure to elevate your experience.

Fashion cigar humidor box with drawer and cigar accessoriesFashion cigar humidor box with drawer and cigar accessories

Fashion Cigar Humidor Box with Drawer and Cigar Accessories

Equipped with a digital hygrometer for pinpoint accuracy, you can maintain the perfect humidity level to suit your large cigar collection with Ann Bully Cigar Box Humidor. Its tight seal locks in moisture, so every taste is as smooth as the last. With a tray and divider for multi-layer storage, a humidifier bar to keep everything moisture-rich, and a convenient drawer for all your cigar accessories( cigar cutters, cigar punch, cigar ashtray, cigar humidifier are included in the box) , this kit is the ultimate package for the true connoisseur. Enjoy every cigar like it’s your first with the Ann Bully cedar wood cigar humidor.

Handmade Cigar HumidorHandmade Cigar Humidor

Handmade Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor Case

Prepare to indulge in the marvelous craftsmanship and beautiful handcrafted cherry finish of this exquisite Spanish cedar wood cigar humidor box. Our cigar humidor was created for the sole purpose of enhancing the great taste and elevating the experience of your favorite cigars. With the Spanish cedar wood, rest assured that your flavors cigar will reach new heights and the aroma will remain pleasantly fragrant. Experience the ultimate in cigar humidor indulgence with this stunning Spanish cedar wood cigar humidor box that will take your cigar experience to the next level.

Classic Cigar Humidor CaseClassic Cigar Humidor Case

Ann Bully Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor Case – Crafted with Exquisite Attention to Details

Every detail of our cigar humidor boasts unrivaled quality and attention to detail – from the embedded magnetic lock that seals in the freshness of your items to the transparent glass that showcases their beauty with class. The metal hinge and handle of our cigar humidor oozes luxury that seamlessly blends with any decor. The Spanish cedar wood tray and divider, and storage drawer are not only functional but also elegant. With the precise digital hygrometer, you have real-time measurements to ensure optimal humidity levels. Take your cigar experience to the next level with our cigar humidor, built to stand the test of time.

large capacity cigar humidorslarge capacity cigar humidors

Large Capacity Humidors

Behold the massive capacity of our cigar humidor that can hold a whopping 25-50 of your most cherished cigars – an experience that is bound to impress every aficionado. A transparent top that enables you to keep tabs on your cigars without having to open the box each time – a feature that is both classy and convenient. Relish every moment as you admire your exceptional cigar collection, perfectly maintained and preserved to last for generations to come.

Accessories Include: Cigar Punch*1, Cigar Cutter*2, Cigar Ceramic Ashtray*1, Cigar Humidifier*1

Large Capacity Cigar Humidor Box – Ann Bully cigar Case can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 50 generously sized cigars, depending on their ring size. Equipped with a removable cedar divider, making it effortless to sort and store your prized cigars. The tray can hold an additional layer of your favorites, giving you even more space than any other competitor out there! Flaunt your entire precious collection with ease, using our large cigar humidor!
Handmade Wooden Cigar Humidor – The handcrafted cherrywood finish, complemented by gold plated hinges, enhances the cigar humidor’s simplistic yet striking design. Lined with Spanish Cedar, this cigar box humidor ensures the optimal moisture levels to preserve their pure taste. A seamlessly easy pull-out drawer allows you to store all your necessities with style and ease. Have your cigar lighter, cigar cutter, and cigar punch all in one handy and neat space!
Reliable Cigar Humidor Box – Our cigar humidor is made with tempered glass, giving you the peace of mind you need in case of sudden impacts or marks. The felt-lined bottom is scratch-resistant, providing extra durability and protection when handling your precious things. These cigar humidors are a testament to longevity and reliability, and we’ve got you covered.
Perfect Gift for the Cigar Enthusiast – Ann Bully beautiful high-gloss desktop cigar humidor is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves cigar humidors, from your blue-collar boyfriend to your colleague celebrating his anniversary. Whether they’re a novice or a true aficionado, this is the perfect men’s gift that exudes elegance and functionality.

Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor Case, Ann Bully Cigar Humidor Box with Drawer for Accessories, Wooden Cigar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer, Cutters Punch Set- Can Holds 25-50 Cigars (Humidor Only)
Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor Case, Ann Bully Cigar Humidor Box with Drawer for Accessories, Wooden Cigar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer, Cutters Punch Set- Can Holds 25-50 Cigars (Humidor Only)
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